Tuesday, February 18, 2014

T'n'T wedding Day!

I met Theresa and Thirstan a year ago this January. It's been so awesome getting to know them. I'm constantly saddened by the fact they live in Ottawa and I only sometimes get to see them! Definitely peeps that I'd want to hand out with on the regular.

They pretty much planned their wedding 'long distance' but I was blown away with all the gorgeous details that made their day even more beautiful. From the dress, to the shoes, the flowers, the change in hair styles from a 'Day' to 'Night' look, it seemed that nothing was unaccounted for!

I especially loved that photography and documenting their special day was an uber important part of their day. They wanted to go all out and have a full 12 hour day. And so it was.

John and I started bright and early at 10am, and finished a staggering 12 hours later. The day simply flew by, and we barely noticed until we woke up the next day and felt our sore feet!

Here are a few photos from their special day. Enjoy!

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