Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Beautiful Maternity Session Kitchener, Ontario

Well, to be honest, I don't know where to start about this Maternity session. I mean, when something so good, SO magical, so beautiful happens, I almost want to keep it to myself so I don't somehow wake up a discover it was all a dream... This time, I can confidently say it wasn't a dream, and the magic was real. :-)

On this particular Sunday, I was joined at my studio by Katelyn McCulley-Hayden, who is a fabulous hair stylist at So Chiq hair studio in Waterloo, and Cassie Shuttleworth, an incredibly talented make-up artist hailing from Cambridge, Ontario. And so it began... Once an HRKVC bride herself, and now expecting a new arrival to their growing family, it was a privilege to have been asked to capture these maternity photos for her.

During the 9-10 months of a pregnancy, there are an infinite amount of changes and emotions that a woman will experience. With a changing body, (and having been there myself twice) I can vouch for having experienced feelings of confidence, feeling beautiful, powerful, and also the opposite end of the spectrum of those exact feelings as well.

Carrying a child is undoubtedly one of the most incredibly miraculous feats a woman will accomplish in her lifetime. I sometimes stop and think about the fact that we are GROWING a human being! From scratch. From something the size of a tiny little speck of dust!

Women positively radiate with beauty and power during pregnancy. I always gravitate towards wanting to create soft, pretty, romantic photos, and truly capture the magnificence of a woman's body, and her spirit. Whether its her first pregnancy or perhaps her last, inevitable, her body will never be the same as that exact moment in time. She will soon deliver her beautiful baby, and slowly and surely she will get her body back. It will be stronger, in some ways changed, but it will become her own again. Its always my hope that the photos I capture during these special sessions will be one day shared with that child, and the feelings of awe, and wonder can be shared. It may be when the child is still a wee person, or perhaps later down the road when they themselves are grown and experiencing the journey of a pregnancy. In my mind, I can hear the child say things like, "wow, I was in there!", or, "my mother was so beautiful I have no words", perhaps even, "I love my mom so much for giving so much of herself to me during that time"...

In any case, I do want to share with you some of the very special photos we created that day. I hope you like them just as much as I do. If you yourself are pregnant or have a friend who deserves to be pampered and photographed in all her beautiful pregnant glory, contact me for more details.