Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Stunning Stratford Ontario Fall Wedding! Jess and Sam Got Married!

It's hard to believe that Jess and Sam's wedding has come and gone. I've been looking forward to it for A LONG TIME! Jess found me at one of the winter bridal shows in 2013 and we instantly hit it off. In all my 8 years photographing weddings, this was my first one in beautiful Stratford, Ontario. Its so breathtaking in the autumn season and every aspect, every detail of their wedding only added to the already-perfect day. The weather was incredible! If you ever get a chance to visit Stratford, you absolutely must make a day of it and shop, walk, and dine. Its so charming and a perfect place for a wedding! John J, Katie (on video!) and I had a blast together. It was another first for me personally to photograph such a large 'prop' in a shoot - the groom has the pipets transport truck ever and I actually got to get up in it and check it out! It's like a little house! :-D

We always feel so lucky to share a special day with our brides and grooms and this one was no exception. Both Jess and Sam were surrounded by an amazing group of people all day and you could feel the love everyone has for this awesome couple.

Here is a little collection of their fabulous day, and some of the magic we made together!