Thursday, April 10, 2014

New Life - Newborn Session Previews

Today I was blessed to spend some time with one of beautiful former brides and grooms, and their newly expanded family. Its such gift for me to be included in the lives of my clients and to be considered, "photographer for life" is indescribable for me!

Their latest addition comes in the form of a perfect little boy named Grayson. It was a quiet, calm and casual session in the privacy of their new home. I loved seeing them again and seeing their breathtaking babies. Their first son, Ashton is such a beautiful soul, greeting me at the door with Grandma saying, "Come in!". So heartwarming.

I brought him a few little Easter chocolates to which his excited response was, "Oh Dear!" and "goodness!". Omgoodness, I couldn't have melted on the spot!!

Here are a few photos from todays magical and endearing photo session...