Friday, July 3, 2015

Cambridge, Ontario Engagement session

On Canada Day, I met up with Laura and Shawn at Riverside Park in Cambridge to photograph their engagement session. I was extra excited for this shoot because I've never done a fair or carnival-esque shoot before and I had always dreamed of doing something this fun! There must've been at least 20 000 people around us, and the air was full of noise and energy. Tons of families, couples, and friends were at the Canada Day celebration enjoying our Country's birthday festivities.

I've never photographed amongst SO many people before. It took a little time for us all to get comfortable and wrap our heads around the fact that Laura and Shawn were probably completely on display in front of so many people. I shot with a telephoto lens too, which I thought was going to make me stand out like a sore thumb, but after a while, a strange thing happened: I started to feel invisible! There was just something about it... I felt like the 3 of us were all disappearing in the crowd.

Laura and Shawn are SUCH an adorable couple. They love each other so much and it wasn't hard to catch some really great moments of them just having fun and enjoying the fair. I can't wait for their wedding in October, Laura and Shawn are such a stunning couple and I know they will both be a dream on their big day!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Waterloo, Ontario Engagement & Family session!

A few weekends ago, I got together with Heather and Curtis, who have set their wedding date for January 2016, and we photographed their engagement session. Uptown Waterloo is one of my favourite spots to shoot in because of all the fun texture and buildings around, similar to what I found in Stratford!

I'm always drawn to 2 certain areas to photograph in, nature/farmland and urban textured areas like old buildings and things that are showing signs of age.

Heather and Curtis came to me as a referral from another fabulous photographer friend, who I completely adore and idolize their work, so I knew that I HAD to make this incredible. The images we created made us all very happy and even more excited for their wedding day.

One thing I love about my engagement sessions is the opportunity to further build the friendship and bond I share with my clients. Its a great way to just hang out and spend time together and in the process, snap a photo or two. :-)

Here is the rundown of their e-sesh in Uptown Waterloo, Ontario.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Stratford, Ontario Engagement Photography

A terrific little gem of a city, Stratford, Ontario marvels me every time I visit. Its charm, the texture and endless photography backgrounds make for fabulous Wedding photography and Engagement photography sessions. I always look forward to visiting, and my shoot with my bride and groom, Melanie and Neil was no exception. The photos just took themselves, and I was so happy with the finished product. Here are some samples from our shoot together - needless to day I can't wait for the big day!