Monday, May 26, 2014

The Twins who Turned One!!

This week I had the continued privilege to photograph 2 adorable little munchkins, who were celebrating a super important milestone in their lives!

Its such a treat for me to photograph this family, and I've been fortunate to have photographed them all the way back to when they were still in mummy's tummy! Its been a terrific transformation from newborn all the way to almost-Toddler, and watching their character grow and flourish at every meeting.

Being a mommy myself, I am guilty of being consumed at times with my own lifes' stress, and so-called "hardships" of being a parent. Ever day I remember how hard it was for me being at home with a little one. These Twins have been so blessed with a tremendous woman and papa to call 'Mommy & Daddy'. They both give every ounce of themselves to these little ones. I am reminded at the unbelievable strength they must relentlessly possess, which is SO much more than what I feel I have to give some days.

Being the parent of Multiples IS an incredible blessing!! These TREMENDOUS Parents deserve OODLES of recognition, praise and respect everywhere they go for all they do!

I offer a very heartfelt KUDOS to Mommy and Daddy of these 2 adorable little munchkins. Thank you so much for allowing me into your life to capture such important moments for your family!

Check out some of the awesome Cake-Smash photos from their shoot, which was perfectly planned right down to the last detail by the Twins Fabulous Mommy.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Mr & Mrs. King and co.

This past weekend, John J and I had the distinct pleasure of photographing 2 very fabulous people as they said "I Do" and sealed the deal.

It was a special day for me personally, as I had known Mrs. King for a few years and watching the evolution of her from falling in love, to them creating an obscenely gorgeous little man together, and finally bringing their 2 families together. I consider her a friend first and my gorgeous bride second. Her handsome groom was not hard on their eyes either, not to mention the rest of their clan. All outfitted in the most adorable little bow ties, and black converse sneakers, this group had it going on!

Mrs. K's grace and beauty throughout the day was truly that of royalty. She was always smiling, and poised, the perfect picture of a perfect bride. There was NO Bridezilla here on this magnificent day! Weddings always have a way of bringing out the best and the worst in people, and in my experience, its rarely the bride and groom who are leave any good behaviour to be desired. *wink*

Here is a gorgeous sampling of Mr. & Mrs. Kings glorious and magical day. I hope you enjoy and feel how true and pure of love these two share both together, and with their perfect family.