Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Holly & Bryan got Married! - Kitchener/Waterloo wedding

Hardly touching the surface of the beautiful day that was Holly and Bryan's celebration, here are a few tidbits from their creatives. Both Holly and Bryan were an absolute pleasure to work with. A resounding sense of love, and adoration flowed through the day between these two, and it was clear to the camera and myself just how perfect their love together is. A stunning Bride, and a handsome Groom.

Beautiful bellies and babes....

This month I have been extremely lortunate to photograph some special moments in some special people's lives. Pregnancy is a miraculous experience, and if you really sit and think about it, it's pretty mind blowing. lol I mean, 'building a baby'?! Let's be serious, that's a pretty awesome super power. Here are a few snipits from some of my July's bellies and babes....

Europe in our backyard....

Shari and Ryan are getting married very soon! We got together in an enchanting little town near KW and explored it with new eyes. It was incredible how charismatic this town is, and the residents seem to know just how to add to the charm. I'm still sifting through the photos we made together, but here are a few that I absolutely fell in love with.

Da Boyz!

Engagement snapshots and such.

As you visit the blog more often, you'll notice I end a lot of sentences with, "...and such". It's beyond me where that even came from. Anyhoo, one fine Sunday not too long ago, Mother Nature permitted me to photograph Valerie and Ryan. Some pretty cool cats in my book. :-) They were fond of a nature setting so we hit up a conservation are in the region and things progressed from there. The "non-Sears models", doin' it right. ;-) While we walked through this considerably sized conservation area, I realized quickly that while navigation is not my forte, there was a good chance we may not be found if darkness came. I swiftly lead us to a clear pathed area so airplanes could find us if things took a turn for the worse. lol Of course they did not, and we made our way back to civilization only to hit up two nifty areas nearby that I have been drooling and waiting for the opportunity to photograph. One thing I love about the engagement session process is learning how we will all work together and finding a 'flow' so to speak. It's a nice run prelude to what the wedding day creative photos might be similar to, and I always encourage my couples to take stock of the feel, or vibe of the engagement shoot and try to channel that on their wedding day, so as to fall into the creative process of being photographed much easier. Thanks Val & Ryan for a terrific shoot. :-)

Wedding Dreams Creative Shoot!

Wedding Dreams Creative Shoot... It was an exciting day. John and I were off to Guelph Arboretum to photograph a creative shoot for Wedding Dreams Magazine, (now Wedding Trends Magazine). An amazing amount of hard work went into the project, creative direction, planning, organizing, nerves about weather - but only to produce an amazing result. Romance, love, adoration positively vibrated from the FABULOUS Gemini Models, Nicole & Billy : They were so on cue, so professional and nothing less than a gift to work with. The decor was provided by the incomparable Special Events & Flowers. Check them out here: Here are a few samples from the shoot that day. It turned into a gorgeous 3 page spread in the magazine, along with countless splashes throughout the issue. I have such love for the photos, I hope you enjoy!

Super E-Sesh with 2 great folks. ;-)

What a weekend! Seriously - what. a. weekend. Yesterday I was fortunate enough to shoot alongside a phenomenal photographer and friend of mine, T.J. Durnan see his work here: ( We photographed an amazing couple who's wedding took place a little further from home than I'm used to, aside from destinations, that is... Starting in Markham and finishing at a beauty of a Vineyard in NewMarket, On. The bride and groom were just fantastic, the venue was a picture out of Tuscany, and I had the privilege of shooting their kick-butt wedding party as we roamed the grounds and explored. We had an excellent time. After a 14 hour day, door-to-door, I tucked myself in. Lights out Tony. Today was equally a big day - 2 of our gorgeous and pretty loveable brides and their handsome men had their big engagement sessions scheduled in. I started off meeting up with Sara and Brent. This is Sara, this is Brent. We met up at one of the most unlikely locations I have ever heard of. I was given an intersection as an address and a appliance store as a landmark. As it stands, Brent and Sara have an interesting story together, so why should their shoot be regular. These two are anything but regular anyway - their spirit is captivating, her laugh will just make you feel happy inside and he has this hollywood- young actor, suave, coolness about him. (enter run-on-sentance.) I was thrilled with our shoot together. Here are a few tidbits.