Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Engagement snapshots and such.

As you visit the blog more often, you'll notice I end a lot of sentences with, "...and such". It's beyond me where that even came from. Anyhoo, one fine Sunday not too long ago, Mother Nature permitted me to photograph Valerie and Ryan. Some pretty cool cats in my book. :-) They were fond of a nature setting so we hit up a conservation are in the region and things progressed from there. The "non-Sears models", doin' it right. ;-) While we walked through this considerably sized conservation area, I realized quickly that while navigation is not my forte, there was a good chance we may not be found if darkness came. I swiftly lead us to a clear pathed area so airplanes could find us if things took a turn for the worse. lol Of course they did not, and we made our way back to civilization only to hit up two nifty areas nearby that I have been drooling and waiting for the opportunity to photograph. One thing I love about the engagement session process is learning how we will all work together and finding a 'flow' so to speak. It's a nice run prelude to what the wedding day creative photos might be similar to, and I always encourage my couples to take stock of the feel, or vibe of the engagement shoot and try to channel that on their wedding day, so as to fall into the creative process of being photographed much easier. Thanks Val & Ryan for a terrific shoot. :-)

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