Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Historic Fam family Shoot in Kitchener, Ontario

This past Saturday was a BIG day for me! And by BIG, I mean 10 hours on the road and 4 shoots kinda big. I don't know how but the rain turned off moments before 3 of the 4 sessions, and the 4th was in studio so I was winning big time that day! My travels that day brought me to the Norris Family in Elmira, who, then brought me out to West Montrose to their family farm. I was NOT expecting something quite as glorious, not to mention historic when I arrived! It was right out of a dream for me. Being from Saskatchewan, I have a mega soft spot for farm land, old barns and out buildings.

This particular farm is pretty darn special, which only made this family session more spectacular in my opinion! It has literally been in the family for 200+ years. I learned so many interesting facts about this location. It was in fact one of the first farms in Waterloo Region. Gramma was born on the land along with 12 siblings and original family still resides there!

What really stood out to me, aside from the entire property itself was that the British Government gave this property to this family of settlers way back in the day, and the rest is literally history!

During the session, I heard stories of boys being boys out in the barn, swinging from ropes and diving into massive piles of hay. Sprinkled around the property are original pieces of farming equipment, now retired, and adding to the absolute authentic rustic charm of the farm. This had to have been the most genuine childhoods of all time... I can't think of anything more enchanting, considering what many urban childhoods are now! Imagine the freedom! I just love it.

I'm so excited to show you this collection of photos - a small sampling - from my session with this picture perfect family. Brace yourself for a whole lot of princess perfection! This wee doll stole my heart. She has so much character and life in her, she charmed me senseless. lol

If your family has a historic and intriguing property that would be the perfect setting for your next family session, reach out today and pluck my heartstrings! I just live for these kinds of sessions!

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Kitchener Fall Family Photos

Fall has been with us for a few weeks now, but only recently in Kitchener have the leaves definitely turned their beautiful fiery shades. I am completely in love. This is one of my busiest times of year. This month alone, I will likely photograph 30-40 families in and around Kitchener/Waterloo, plus weddings! And then it steam rolls right into Holiday sessions! I love all the chaos and beauty of this time of year!

You can imagine that weekends are a hard premium... there just isn't enough of them in the Fall! Which is why I get realllly excited when I am asked for a weekday late-afternoon session. But when you tell me we will be photographing your family with a horse and a pony?? Um, Sign me the heck up! We got together at a stunning property just outside city limits and chose Golden Hour for lighting. It was delicious. I couldn't have asked for anything more. My heart was screaming with joy! Every single photo I took, it just kept getting better and better. Needless to say, I booked it home and got the images onto my computer in a darn hurry and then died all over again. I was SO excited!

By the way - if you are a parent to little ones and would like to have some photos like these, you'll want to follow my Facebook page! Next Spring I will be hosting an exclusive styled event called, "Tea Parties With Ponies". :-) This will be a one day only, limited availability event. So mosey on over to the FB page, give a like, follow and poke your head into the events page or the join the VIP section!

I would love to hear what you think of this gorgeous family session! I am truly captivated by it all and can't wait to photograph "Hank" and "Shorty" again soon! A huge than you to this beautiful family for inviting me to update their family photos for them. I had an absolute blast!