Monday, September 30, 2013

The most beautiful time of the year!

Y'know that Christmas tune.... "it's the most wonderful time of the year"... Well they lied. Yes, Winter is a very nice time of year, but c'mon folks, lets be real. Autumn is the cat's meow. Not only does my birthday fall in October, but as a Libra, my signs demands that I be drawn to texture, colour, smells, natural beauty. And all those things are what make up this glorious season. Another big reason it's the best time of the year is because I get to be apart of updating families history, creating memories of real moments. Who they are at this point in their lives, how they look, their personalities, a momento of real life. As you might already know, October is when we host our annual family photo event, "The Fall Family Photo Extravaganza" - and it's coming up very soon! This Sunday we will photograph 18 families in all of Autumn's colourful splendour! Yesterday I was fortunate to hang out with a family who I just get along with so well. They are loving, fun, down to earth and authentic in every way. And that just makes me love them even more. Here are some of the moments that happened yesterday. The photos pretty much took themselves, another little gift from them.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

And then there was Jackie....

I've spoken about a beautiful talent named Jackie before. She is the owner of The Flower Studio, here in Waterloo and she does some pretty fanciful work with blooms. Here are a few brides we've worked with who asked Jackie to create their dream bouquets: She single-handedly brightens people's day with her gorgeous arrangements, and her cheery personality and smile somehow make the flowers even more beautiful. Today, she came by the office bearing gifts!! I am so blessed to call her a friend. She is warm, funny, caring, and will do anything to make someone feel special. Aside from a warm hug, also known as a Skinny Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks, here is what's currently blessing my desk with its Autumn beauty:
Autumn is my absolute favourite season of the year - summer coming in a close 2nd. It's the brilliant colours everywhere, the pumpkins, Halloween for the kiddies, especially the cozy sweaters, warm lattes, homemade soups and stews! Jackie is really one in a million,anyone would be lucky to call her a friend,and the special magic that she adds to brides and grooms wedding day is just awesome! Here is how to find her!If you are getting married, or have any type of special something coming up that you know a hand tied bunch of her flowers would be a cherry on top, you MUST call her! Jackie Steenhuis

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Back to school Already?! yesss. *fist pump*

After an amazing month of August which flew by feeling like it was about a week and half long, I can say that coming back to the comforting routine of Back0To-School is welcome. Last month we photographed 5 awesome weddings, back to school photos, had consultations, debuted the Hollywood Red Carpet (more on that later...) and used duct tape to keep our heads on straight. What a ride! These days we are chained to our computers backlogged with edits and trying to stay afloat, but none the less as the leaves will be changing colors soon, we must plan our 5th Annual Fall Family Photo Extravaganza!! The dates have been announced and it's already booking up wonderfully! This year's venue is absolutely stunning! We are thrilled to have been allowed access to such a beautiful venue. Contact Danielle if you'd like more information about the Extravaganza, or if you'd like to book your date! Signing off, here are a few photos of 2 GORGEOUS!! little dudes from their 'Back-To-School' session last week!!