Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Holiday Contest!

The snow falling these days is absolutely charming. I know most would gladly wring my neck at my cheerful disposition towards the season. Truth be told, photos during this unique season can be so special!

Snowflakes on the tip of your nose, falling gently all around, snow angles, tumbling into the snow with your lover. *sigh* I'm a doomed hopeless romantic.

Selfishly, I am giving away a FULL length photo session with myself in hopes that I will shoot in this fluffy white winterland. Make sure you stop by my Facebook page to enter today!:

Entering this contest is simple!

So far, the holiday traditions and memories from people childhoods have completely warmed my heart! Can't wait to see what YOU have to post! ;-)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Wintery-Fall Engagement Session!

The seasons change so fast! Another wedding season is over, but that doesn't mean it's time to put the camera down!! NO SIR! There are engagement sessions galore to photograph! Here is a little sampling of a shoot I did last week with Lisa and Lee. They are getting married next September and have invited me to be apart of their day! I love photographing in places that look so different each season. It's rejuvanating and breaths a breath of freshness while behind the lens!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Bye bye Brides! *sniff!*

Wedding Season is sadly winding down. I will miss having so many brides to gush over for a part of the winter. I have one more wedding this weekend with a FABULOUS couple. It's always bittersweet to me to reach this point of the year, being the wedding FANATIC that I am.

Some of the things that make me crazy in love with my job are having a hand in the planning process, and I love to do this by offering a list of reputable, fun, passionate and experienced vendors for my Brides & Grooms to consider on their wedding day. It brings me such great pleasure and relief to know that they will be in great hands when using some of these fabulous people's service.

Another thing I will be missing is the feeling I get when I walk into the brides house and the energy is so alive! Excited, nervous energy resonates through each brides getting-ready spot and it's so addicting to be apart of this magical feeling! How special it is for me to be apart of something so intimate and wonderful!

One positive note is that just around the corner is January. And that brings me to Rachelle, who will lug me to a tropical destination for her week of nuptials.

Until then, it will be time to focus on mind blowing Holiday Mini's, Maternity and Newborns!!

And while it's still a tad early to be reminiscing upon 2013, here are a few little moments from this year that will stick with me for a long time!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Prestigious, Exclusive, Unbelievable. The Holiday Mini's You will Never forget.

Keeping in mind that this is 1/2 a very stylized shoot - (the 2nd outfit you choose can be anything you'd like!) Here are some suggestions to help create the ultimate outfit that will blow the socks off this year's holiday mini session!!

Scroll further down this post to access the time slots and dates.

Saturday November 16th:

9:45am -

10:30am -Esra Arif Akgol

11:15am -

12:00pm - Hector

12:45pm -

1:30pm -

2:15pm - On Hold

3:00pm - Sue Edwards Family

3:45pm - Kelly Banton Family

4:30pm -

6:30pm (special session) - Yeliz & Family

Wednesday, November 20th

9:45am - On hold

10:30am - Margo M. & grandkids!

11:15am - Lyndsay C

12:00pm -

12:45pm -

1:30pm - Nikkay Bradshaw

2:15pm -

3:00pm -

3:45pm -

4:30pm -

Saturday November 23rd

9:45am - Kelly Jennings

10:30am - Megan, Sofie & Will

11:15am -

12:00pm -

12:45pm - Krista L.

1:30pm - Stephaie A & family

2:15pm -

3:00pm - Jennifer S. & family

3:45pm -

4:30pm -

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Fabulous Autumn E-session!

A few weeks back, I got to go on a mini road-trip with an awesome couple! I have the honour of photographing Peter and Lisa's wedding next year adn I can't wait. Especially after the engagement session we did together! Lisa was SO sweet - she thought of everything! She packed a little picnic with snacks, brought all the cutest props ever and her hair and make-up were perfect! Peter was a handsome devil too. :-) Here are a few of my favourite photos from their session! Enjoy!

Monday, September 30, 2013

The most beautiful time of the year!

Y'know that Christmas tune.... "it's the most wonderful time of the year"... Well they lied. Yes, Winter is a very nice time of year, but c'mon folks, lets be real. Autumn is the cat's meow. Not only does my birthday fall in October, but as a Libra, my signs demands that I be drawn to texture, colour, smells, natural beauty. And all those things are what make up this glorious season. Another big reason it's the best time of the year is because I get to be apart of updating families history, creating memories of real moments. Who they are at this point in their lives, how they look, their personalities, a momento of real life. As you might already know, October is when we host our annual family photo event, "The Fall Family Photo Extravaganza" - and it's coming up very soon! This Sunday we will photograph 18 families in all of Autumn's colourful splendour! Yesterday I was fortunate to hang out with a family who I just get along with so well. They are loving, fun, down to earth and authentic in every way. And that just makes me love them even more. Here are some of the moments that happened yesterday. The photos pretty much took themselves, another little gift from them.