Friday, October 3, 2014

Beautiful Puslinch, Ontario Farm Engagement Session, October

Today I had the privilege of visiting Puslinch, Ontario for Michelle and Chris's engagement session. This time of year is my absolute favourite. The colours all around are breathtaking, and the air is so fresh. I feel at my best this time of year. Michelle and I had chatted a bit about venues that would be cool for their e-session, and I made one suggestion, but then she mentioned something about a farm, a barn and she kinda trailed off.... well I was SOLD! I arrived and literally was on high-alert-sensory overdrive.

My beautiful bride to be 100% failed to mention about a million little nuggets of awesomeness about where we were going to shoot. To my right was something right out of a romance novel set in the Scottish highlands - in the background were rows of golden trees, a green field filled with a herd of grazing sheep, a clean'n'pretty white fence and next to that was the original old farm house, made of nothing but log and mortar. The textures around me had my head spinning!

During this "portion" of our time together Chris and Michelle (who didn't seem to need much of a 'warm up' to get into being in front of the camera!) got to chatting and, well low and behold, they shared yet another tidbit of gold!! Chris's family farm was just a mere 5 miles away. Of course we had to go there. This farm had a house made of stone! So off we went. :-)

As soon as we pulled in, I spied the perfect light and lines, and we got to work. There was the most amazing, vintage Gas pump on the property that was begging for attention, and we also discovered that Michelle could NOT give Chris a piggy-back. :-) We tried - and ended up giggling our butts off. Perfect time for an outfit change! Behold the Camouflage... and a pink rifle! I jokingly asked if we could shoot and Chris, without skipping a beat said, sure - but at MY house. Um, what!?

YES. Another farm!!! Fast forward a few mins, a few miles and there we were. Except THIS farm had cattle, horses, a million bales of hay, old buildings, a hammock (i used it) a horse racing school, heavy-duty machinery and a father-of-the-groom with a saucy sense of humour. ;-)

Out came the clay targets and shotgun shells and off we went. We scared the whole herd of cattle to the far end of the property, but guess who actually shot a rifle for the first time AND hit the targets!?! This gal right here!

Chris impressed us by flinging a clay target thingy way up into the air and nailing it, and Michelle, who knows how to handle a gun, looked pretty darn bad ass firing a few shots herself!

Recap: 3 farms, 400+ photos, rifles, scared cattle, and a gorgeous couple who rocked the shoot so hard!! It was one helluv'an engagement session for me to always remember. I feel like I got to know Michelle and Chris so much better today, and we definitely made some amazing memories. I wait patiently for the month of May '15 so I can have the honour of photographing what will undoubtably be an incredible wedding day. :-)

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