Friday, August 22, 2014

Dana & Todd Cambridge Whistle Bear Wedding Previews!

What an amazing August I've had! Between moving into the new studio and getting to photograph a handful of gorgeous weddings, (2 back-to-back at the drool-worthy, newly renovated Whistle Bear Golf Course!) theres not much more that this gal could ask for. Or is there? lol

well.... as it turns out, if you throw in an impromptu visit to a firehall with a group of gorgeous bridesmaids and a brides who isn't afraid to have fun, a lot of fun can happen. And dreams become fulfilled. *insert girly giggle here*

We had a whole hour to burn after motoring' through the getting ready shots with the girls, and it really looked as though it was going to start raining any moment, but that didn't stop us from pilling into some cars and hitting up a McD's AND a firehall. Wheeehoo!!

Surrounded by friends and family who love and support these two so very much, here is a sneak peak into what ensued on Dana and Todd's magical day!

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