Thursday, May 7, 2015

Whistle Bear - Cambridge, Ontario Wedding - Alex & Matt get married!

After a long cold winter in Ontario, it seems as though we have finally been blessed with nice Spring weather! Alex & Matt's gorgeous wedding at Cambridge's eloquent Whistle Bear Golf and Country Club couldn't have been nicer!

All in all, it really was one of those weddings where I felt like I could have been wearing a bridesmaid dress and gotten away with it. The entire wedding party were so amazing, fun, chill, happy go lucky, quick to smile, gorgeous, full of laughs, and 100% totally there for their friends Alex and Matt.

What made this wedding one-of-a-kind for me, was the fact that the brides gorgeous mum HANDMADE the wedding gown! AND ALL the bouquets/boutonnieres! The level of talent and creativity displayed at this wedding and by the bride and her mum was astounding. I have SO much appreciation for crafty talented folks! The bride and groom had informed me that they had been very hands on with all their wedding decor and details, which I love. It just has this way of adding a super personal touch to the day, and having your personality shine through all those little magical touches that make the day even more memorable.

It made me so happy to have been there for them that day, and I'm pleased to post some fun samplers from their day. As always, Whistle Bear shined with their impeccable service, and luxurious venue. A very big thank you, Whistle Bear for being such amazing hosts!

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  1. Candid shots!! This wedding was truly amazing. My brother is also a wedding photographer and captures weddings at various indoor and outdoor venues for events. He is really creative. I really love his photography work!