Sunday, August 7, 2016

Beautiful Victoria Park Ontario Engagement Session!

I've always said, and I'll say it again, there is nothing more magical than when my clients and I instantly have an awesome connection. I'm honestly pretty lucky and feel as though my clients feel more like friends than clients. And I attribute this to the amazing photos that happen when we hang out. When Mike & Jen and I got together for their engagement shoot, it seemed natural to bring some cold drinks and a blanket and have a bit of a picnic of sorts before we started shooting. Our venue was the lush and green Victoria Park here in Kitchener. It was the week or two after the infamous "Pokemon GO" was launched and the park was packed with people and their phones! It was pretty incredible. But even still, amidst all the Pokemon revellers, Mike and Jen seemed to effortlessly tune everyone and everything out, falling into their own little world together, and making it seem as though it was just the three of us in this beautiful park. Their connection is obvious. Their stunning good looks - also obvious. They laugh and smile so easily together, the jokes and chatting together happened on its own, and there was literally no prompting from me for a single shot. Everything they gave me was magic!

I hope you'll agree - here are some gems from our time together. To say I'm not excited for their wedding day would be a complete lie. I just can't wait. Just a few more months until I will be posting some beautiful previews from their big day!

If you are newly engaged and planning your perfect day, reach out to me! I'd love to chat and hear about your vision and how I can be there cherry on top!



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