Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Waterloo Ontario Maternity Session

On Mothers Day Sunday, I met up with expectant new parents Isabelle & Brady for a visit and to capture some memories of this special time in their lives. We met up at Grey Silo, which is one of my favourite spots in Waterloo to photograph. The old barn buildings, trees, and bluffs make for the perfect backdrop for anyone looking for natural outdoor photos.

Isabelle and Brady haven't found out the sex of their little baby and its so obvious how excited they are to meet this new little person. As exciting as pregnancy can be, it comes with its challenges, from swollen feet and sleepless uncomfortable nights, to a new mum's ever changing body. There is no price parents wouldn't pay for the moment that arrives where they find themselves looking down at a beautiful healthy new baby that love created.

Having Maternity photos done is a wonderful reminder of the journey a woman goes through to achieve the ultimate gift of life. To be able to look back one day at who she was at that moment, to be reminded of all the wondrous changes, and to know a new life-love was growing healthily inside her tummy is absolutely magical. One day she will be able to show and share the photos with her child and tell all the stories of the pregnancy and how that precious life came to be.

Soon the baby will be born, and my beautiful client will regain her body. Maybe some of the memories of the moment-to-moment journey through pregnancy will fade, but it is my hope that these photos will help commemorate this beautiful time.

Here are some of the memories we created together:

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