Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The first dance....

Is always so romantic!! What's your style? Will it be choreographed to perfection? Soft and romantic? A song that tells your story? Many a time I have been behind the camera watching the first dance, as husband and wife, and have had a lump in my throat. Yes, being a true romantic at heart, I'll admit my eyes have definitely glazed over a bit at the private, quiet moment completely undisturbed of a new Mr.& Mrs. Sometimes I see them sharing a laugh, or murmuring the words of the song to one another, talking about the part of the day where the other one wasn't there. Nothing grabs me more when I see them looking at each other with a look of amazement that "they did it", they're 'finally' married, and whisper "I love you" to each other. It's no doubt that times like these describe perfectly why I'm SO in love with my job! It's a beautiful thing from start to finish. So much time and thought goes into selecting the perfect song - the one that will be the most meaningful and memorable.

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