Tuesday, August 20, 2013

1st Birthday Cake Smash? The answer is YES!

I have met people who didn't like the idea of a 1st birthday celebration inclusive of the famous "cake-smash". I can't help but shake my head when I hear this. As a photographer, I know what kind of images I will get of this precious little toddler diving into a mountain of sugary, colourful icing. It always starts with trepidation to full on thrilled excitement. Seeing them look to mum or dad, waiting for them to say, "don't touch honey!" as per usual, and just getting encouraged to make a giant mess and live it up is priceless! The only answer I can think of when parents ask me if it's really worth it is YES!! It absolutely is! Disappointingly enough, and I know there will always be those photos out there, I have seen way too many photos of a baby strapped into the high chair at home, sand a photo taken from across the room probably with bad lighting, and no detail shots. Well my friends, here are a few samples of the 81 images from my most recent cake-smash session!! (yes, you read that right - they got 81 images from this shoot! Totally worth the money to see a professional - I even included the cake!) For those wondering, all my child session start at $175.00 and go up to $225.00 and ALWAYS include a disk of ALL your best images. Not 10, or 20 images like some photographers, ALL. Just a nifty little perk I like to offer my friends, and clients. Aren't we great? Oh - and that's not for a "mini-session" either. I offer many mini-session specials throughout the year aside from our fabulous pricing, making it possible to have tons of precious photos taken by a pro all year long.

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